Seattle Banquet Halls

1.) Choose your hall 2.) Confirm date is available 3.) Reserve date for event 3.) Pay rent + deposit in full 5.) Host your event!

Kent hall calendar - 200 people

To request a date, scroll down to bottom of page and submit the form

Renton hall calendar - 100 people

To request a date, scroll down to bottom of page and submit the form

Des Moines Hall - 150 people

To request a date, scroll down to bottom of page and submit the form

How do I reserve?   How does it work? 

Step one:

Check the calendar above and find the date you are interested in.  When you find it,  if the date is blank and doesn't say anything, then it is fully available. If the date says something, click on the blue words to find out when/if that day is available.     

(Example: April 7 says "Rented - Ashlyn 6pm – 12am")  That means the building is not available during the hours of 6pm-12am midnight.  However, if you want to rent the building from 10am to 5pm that would work.  There needs to be at least one hour buffer between rentals.  


If the date you need is available, scroll down to the bottom of this page and submit  the RSVP form.  You will get a response back promptly.  


After you have confirmed your date is available and you would like to RESERVE it, you will need to make a downpayment of a non-refundable deposit of $206.  $200 of this amount is applied to your overall balance and is not additional.  Click Reserve a Date at the top of this page or click here.  


You must obtain special event liability insurance if your rental cost is greater than $600.  If your rental cost is less than $600, then liability insurance is not required.  If your rental costs $300 and your cleaning deposit is $300, this does not mean you need to get liability insurance because only the rental cost is considered.   Click here to learn more about getting insurance

RSVP for a hall:

If you need immediate assistance, please call me on my cell: (206) 351-3380.  If you are just curious about prices and availability, please fill out the questionnaire below and I'll get back with you. 

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I understand that a date is not reserved until I make a non-refundable downpayment of $200. All dates are based on first come first served policy. *
I understand I need to pay the full balance of my rental at least one week before the event or I will pay penalty of $150 on top of balance *
I understand the insurance requirements. If not, please visit the "Insurance" page on this website. *
Sign your name indicating you agree your event is not any of the restricted types shown above.